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Solo Caffe – Collaboration Opportunities

Momentarily, we are a distributor for professional coffee service products, but also a producer for the Solo coffee pads. Contact us through the form below if you are interested in one of the following:

        1. Office – coffee products and espresso machines for the office

Coffee is often a very important factor in your employees’ life as it helps them be more efficient in everything they undertake, supporting concentration and attention throughout the day. Pads Solo is more than a great cup of espresso that your employees will love, it is a good reason to relax and socialize, a reward for their efforts that will transform their mornings into something truly special. Increase their efficiency with the best coffee served at the best offer!

        2. Reselling – coffee products and espresso machines for your clients

If you are interested reselling our coffee products and espresso machines, please contact us using the form below or phone number 0728.009.009.

To view the full range of coffee machines, as well as other complementary products please visit our online shop Coffee Corner.

        3. Domestic Use – coffee products and espresso machines for your home

For mornings spent in the company of a coffee that is truly aromatic and full of flavor, fresh and perfectly roasted, choose Solo Pads! You just need an espresso machine that uses pads, and the perfect cup of coffee will be ready in seconds, so that you will enjoy more time relaxing.


It is fundamental for all our business relationships, not just with our employees and sale agents, but with our distributors and clients as well.


Over 11 years of experience in the coffee service industry and thousands of successful collaborations during this time.


We consider particularly important to improve our activity and maintain high standards for everything we undertake.

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