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The history espresso coffee pads began in the 1970’s when the famous Italian coffee producer, Illy, created the E.S.E. or Easy Serving Espresso standard. But what did it really stand for? E.S.E. ensured that each and every one of those small pads filled with freshly ground coffee, contains no more and no less than 7 grams of coffee, perfectly compacted on a 44 mm diameter.
Now that this standard had been launched, it weighted on Illy to make a concentrated, global effort in order to promote all types of compatible espresso machines, both for domestic use and at the office.
By combining a fast and conveniently easy way to prepare coffee with the taste of a perfectly made espresso each time, the E.S.E. coffee pads were soon widely popular among consumers and coffee producers alike.
Today, using coffee pads with espresso machines is one of the smartest and fastest way of preparing espresso, and Romania has made no exception from the worldwide adoption of coffee pads!
With almost 12 years of experience on the Romanian coffee market, we have been able to notice how coffee consumption habits and preferences have slowly been changing as the market matured, gradually moving from soluble coffee to the freshly ground option, served in coffee shops or coffee houses.
Romanians love quality coffee, they search for it and to share it with their loved ones. What’s more, we realized that Romanians want to enjoy a fine cup of espresso, professionally prepared, easy and neat, by themselves t home, and why not, even at the office.
This is why, our company’s mission has been, even from the start, to supply the Romanian market with the coffee pads and compatible espresso machines that will ultimately turn a dream into reality: offer consumers everything they need to prepare the perfect cup of espresso, in record time and without having a barista’s skills to do it.
Already having the market know-how and the necessary infrastructure, we shortly after became coffee pads producers, Solo Pads being the quintessence of our constant effort to become better, improve our products and satisfy our customers’ appetite for the ultimately refined espresso.
Solo Pads
Did you know that with only 7 grams of freshly roasted and ground coffee, you can fully satisfy the craving for a professionally made espresso? With Solo Pads you don’t need a barista every time you want to taste your favorite espresso. They will always deliver a high quality espresso, fast and easy, without making a mess, that you can share with your loved ones, every day.
Espresso is an art and a science. This is why there are so many ways of getting it wrong! The grind, the measurement, freshness, the roast, tampering, temperature, water pressure…. All of these contribute in proportions that are almost impossible to estimate, even by a connoisseur.
With Solo Pads you don’t need a barista to taste your favorite espresso. Each pad is individually packed and the contains freshly ground coffee that you can prepare quickly and easily with an espresso machine.
We know, however, that personal preferences irrevocably influence the type of espresso that we enjoy. Some people judge an espresso by the cream, some by the flavor, acidity and liqueur.
By using coffee pods, you get it right first time, every time. This is our guarantee that you will enjoy the distinctive full and sweet taste typical for an Italian coffee, or the refined, very aromatic and slightly acidic taste specific to Arabica beans,just as you would by drinking an espresso made at your favorite coffee shop.
Everything starts with the carefull selected coffee beans, which are freshly roasted and prefectly ground, only to be pressed and encapsulated afterwards into filter paper.The packaging is achieved through specific pressurizing technique which ensures the coffee’s freshness and long-term preservation. Practically, during this process the air is sucked out of the package and replaced by inert gas (such as nitrogen), thereby ensuring a protective atmosphere which prevents the coffee from oxidation. This technology guarantees a longer storage time, so that the coffee pads have fresh coffee for at least 2 years and you can enjoy a perfect taste and smell every time when you use coffee pads.
Weighing no more than 7 grams and having a diameter of 44 mm, Solo Pads respect the E.S.E (Easy Serving Espresso) standard, the most popular system used in the coffee industry, and they are compatible with all the traditional coffee machines. including those used in coffee shops and bars.
And you are still not convinced that using Solo Pads is the best choice for your next espresso cup, then please read the list of amazing advantages that they bring every day!
  • Reduce time spent preparing coffee.
  • Eliminate extra expenses, such as buying a grinding machine.
  • Simplify the preparing process, by not having to measure or count the number of coffee spons
  • Preserve unused coffee pads as much as you need to, not worrying about the coffee losing its freshness because the pads are individually packaged, perfectly portioned, and definitely not exposed to air and light.
  • The E.S.E pads are also eco-friendly being made of 100% biodegradable paper which decomposes naturally in the environment.
  • Unlike coffee beans, with the pads you don’t waste anything.
  • And most importantly, the coffee pads are easy to use and incredily affordable!

Perfectly Portioned Espresso

Solo Pads combine in a totally innovative way the taste of a perfectly portioned espresso with the speed and comfort of its preparing process. This is how you enjoy fresh espresso every morning!

Maximum Versatility and Utility

Espresso machines with pads can be used at home as well as at the office. Using them makes preparing your morning coffee very easy; for example, you don't even have to weigh or count your coffee spoons.

Solo Pads are Eco-Friendly

E.S.E. pads are eco-friendly, being made of 100% biodegradable materials which decompose naturally in the environment. You can enjoy freshly ground coffee without worrying about your carbon footprint.

Espresso Machines
How do espresso machines with pads work? The devices are reliable, autonomous and very easy to use, so that you don’t need a barista’s experience to prepare a creamy and delicious espresso every time you want one!
For fresh coffee just use your favorite espresso pad, push one button and seconds later, you will have the perfect espresso.

Silent and Fast

Equipped with a fast and silent espresso making system. The pads make the process a lot easier - containing the ideal quantity of quality coffee, perfectly roasted, ground and pressed.

Small Sized

Espresso machines that work with coffee pads usually have small sizes, being extremely ergonomic and particularly suitable for kitchens or offices where the space is limited.

Reduced Expenses

Maintenance costs are very small, precisely because these machines only need coffee pads to work properly and, of course, an annual verification for much needed descaling.

Low Energy Consumption

Reduced energy consumption in comparison to other traditional coffee machines.

Water Storage Tanks

They don't require connection to the public water supply, as they already have water storage tanks incorporated in their system.

  • La Piccola Cecilia 1 group

    Cecilia 1 group is a professional espresso machine that works with coffee pads, being small and highly effective. It features a 3.5-liter water tank which is a big advantage when evaluating a device in terms of reducing energy consumption level. It is equipped with three manual switches (for preparation of coffee, producing steam / hot water heating cups) that can be activated as needed to optimize consumption. Being an pads-based espresso machine it does not require a grinding device and therefore, it can be placed in small spaces. It is very easy to use, with settings in automatic mode throughout the operation (buttons: long coffee, strong coffee or manual function).

    Availability: instock

  • La Piccola Sara Aqua

    In addition to the traditional functions of an espresso machine, the model Sara Aqua allows you to prepare tea and infusions made traditionally. The dosage of the water is controlled by a switch in the vicinity of the spout.

    Te producer recommends this machine for domestic or office use.

    Availability: instock

  • La Piccola Sara Classic

    Sara Classic model is very easy to use, ergonomic and fast. Its linear and minimalist design makes it suitable for use in a variety of contexts, including together with professional equipment. However, it is recommended for domestic use, office or catering.

    Availability: instock

  • La Piccola Sara Vapore

    The main characteristic of the Sara Vapore model is given by an evaporator that allows the use of steam to foam milk, and thus to achieve an extremely tasty and fine cappuccino.
    With a careful use of this device, you can greatly reduce your energy consumption. The espresso machine has two different controls for coffee and foaming, so that you can use them only when needed. Also, in order to ensure the correct temperature for the coffee and the foam, this model is equipped with two separate heat transfer coils.

    Availability: instock

  • La Piccola Cecilia 2 groups

    Cecilia two groups is a professional espresso machine which was prepared from 2 up to 4 cups of coffee simultaneously. It has a compact design that occupies little space. In each group it is possible to mount a single nozzle (for pad 7 g, 1 cup) or a double one (2 cups). The two groups have different switches to optimize power consumption. Cecilia 2 groups is available in two versions: manual or automatic. The automatic version offers the possibility to set the coffee: long or ristretto coffee.

Plastic cups, scoops, sugar, honey, milk, porcelain cups? In our shop, you will find all the accessories needed to complete your coffee drinking experience and turn it exactly into what your heart desires.